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Pre Appointment Prep

-It is important to start each appointment with freshly cleansed natural lashes, whether you are getting a Full Set or Refill. -Lash adhesive adheres best when applied to clean natural lashes. -It's best to arrive to your appointment 100 percent makeup free to ensure you do not get your extensions wet before the 24 hour mark while washing off your makeup. 

Full Set

Fullness and length of each set is determined by the strength, length, fullness, and health of your natural lashes.  -Classic: For those who prefer a more natural look. Extensions are applied 1 per natural lash. -Volume: For those who prefer a more full look. Multiple extensions are applied per 1 natural lash to create a full look. -Mega Volume: For those who want a dramatic look. Extensions are applied to create a dark strip like look. -Hybrid: For those who prefer a look that's natural with a little volume. The Hybrid set is a mix of Volume and Classic.


During a refill the extensions that have shed and grown out with your natural lashes are replaced. Your everyday lifestyle and aftercare determines how long your extensions will last. -Refills should be done every 2-3 weeks. -You must maintain 40% of extensions to be considered a refill set. -If you are not sure whether you have 40% of extensions remaining, schedule a full set just in case. This will ensure we have enough time to do what is needed for you. -If you are getting a Mega Volume set or prefer longer extensions, it is best to schedule your refills every 2-2 1/2 weeks.

After Care

-Wait 24 hours before getting your extensions wet. (NO swimming, working out, sauna, facial steamer, makeup for 24 hours) -Cleanse your extensions regularly. Makeup, oil, and tears (when your eyes water) builds up on your extensions. This makes your eyes a breeding ground for bacteria which will lead to infections such as Blepharitis (inflammation of the eye lid) Also, build up on your extensions will cause premature shedding of your lash extensions. -Do not pick off or pull your extensions. You can potentially pull off your natural lash with your extensions. The less natural lashes you have the less full your set will be. -Do not sleep on your face. -Remember to brush your extensions to keep them neat and Pretty. -Avoid excessive eye rubbing. -Avoid steam rooms and face steamers. High humidity causes pre mature shedding of your extensions. If you get professional facials or sit in the steam room regularly wait at least 24 hours before doing so and schedule your refills every 2- 2 1/2 weeks to ensure your extensions always look Pretty. -Do not use an eyelash curler. -Use oil-free makeup remover. -Do not use eyeliner, mascara, or water proof makeup around the eyes. -It is best to cleanse your extensions with lash wash. Lash washes are formulated specifically to be compatible with lash adhesive. Face wash and body wash ingredients could break down the glue and make the lashes fall off. 

Lash Facts

-When applied correctly lash extensions (whether synthetic or minx) will not damage your natural lash. As long as you do not request them fuller than what your natural lashes can hold or significantly longer than your natural lashes, you can wear lash extensions for as long as you like. -Our natural lashes do shed. Just like the hair on our head, each individual natural lash is on a growth cycle and shed at different times. Every once in a while you will see an extension attached to a natural lash that has shed. Do not panic this is expected to happen. 

Booking & Cancelling 

- I require that you cancel 24 hours or more before your scheduled appointment. -All appointments can be rescheduled or canceled through your member profile. Click the dropdown box , click "login" at the very top. Create a profile using the email you used to book. There you can reschedule, cancel, and see previous and upcoming appointments.  -There is a 50% fee for all appointments canceled or rescheduled within 24 hours of your appointment. The cancellation fee applies to all reasons for canceling unless otherwise stated by Tina. If you book a Refill but need a Full Set, the appointment must be canceled and rescheduled. The cancellation fee will apply. To avoid this, book a Full Set just in case.

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